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Why Tillamook Oregon is the perfect summer destination for nature lovers

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Tillamook, Oregon, boasts a stunning landscape with green valleys, rolling hills, and pristine beaches. It is an ideal destination for travelers who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the charming countryside. Tillamook County is known as the Cheese Capital of the World and features quaint communities, fascinating museums, impressive state parks, and diverse outdoor recreation opportunities. Read on to discover why Tillamook, Oregon, is the perfect summer destination for nature lovers.

beach at sunset
Time for a sunset walk along the beach in Tillamook

Explore the beaches

Tillamook County has over 50 miles of coastline, including secluded coves, ocean overlooks, and wide-open sandy beaches. Along Tillamook Bay, you will find the popular Rockaway Beach with its three miles of soft sand, charming shops, and tasty seafood restaurants. For adventure seekers, Netarts Bay provides an excellent spot for clamming, crabbing, and kayaking. Don’t forget to pack a picnic and visit the Cape Lookout State Park, which boasts breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, an old-growth forest, and hiking trails.

Cape Lookout, Tillamook OR

Rockaway Beach Old Growth Cedar Preserve

Are you on the hunt for a unique and tranquil destination? Look no further than Rockaway Beach Old Growth Cedar Preserve! This stunning 46-acre wetlands preserve opened its doors in 2019 and has quickly become a go-to spot for nature enthusiasts. Take a stroll along the elevated walkway and breathe in the fresh air, surrounded by the most beautiful greenery and wildlife. And don’t forget to stop at The Big Tree, estimated to be between 500 and 900 years old! It’s a sight you won’t want to miss. With its serene atmosphere and breathtaking scenery, Rockaway Beach Old Growth Cedar Preserve is truly a paradise like no other.

Visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory

No trip to Tillamook is complete without a stop at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where you can watch the cheese-making process, sample the products, and take a picture with Tillie, the beloved brand mascot.

My favorite part of going to the Tillamook Cheese factory is seeing the manufacturing process. They have a second story observatory that is glassed-off where you can overlook the whole factory floor.

The factory also features a gift shop, a cafe, and interactive exhibits that showcase the history and culture of Tillamook County. You can learn about the pioneers who settled the region, the dairy farmers who raised the cows, and the cheesemakers who crafted the world-famous cheddar.

Go hiking and biking

Tillamook County has a wide range of hiking and biking trails, from easy strolls to challenging treks. The Tillamook State Forest has over 360 miles of trails that wind through the forest, cross streams, and offer stunning viewpoints. The Cape Lookout Trail is a favorite among hikers, as it follows the coastline for five miles and rewards hikers with panoramic ocean vistas. If you prefer biking, check out the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, a 21-mile-long rails-to-trails path that winds through scenic farmland, forest, and small towns.

trees with ocean in background
Going hiking through the forest at sunset in Tillamook

Discover the Tillamook Air Museum

The Tillamook Air Museum is located in a World War II-era blimp hangar and features a vast collection of vintage airplanes, aviation artifacts, and interactive displays. The museum also offers guided tours, flight simulator rides, and special events like plane rides and parachute jumps. Kids will love the hands-on exhibits, the cockpit displays, and the scavenger hunt games.

Taste the local cuisine

Tillamook County is home to many delicious culinary treats that showcase the region’s farming, fishing, and dairy traditions. In addition to the famous Tillamook cheese, you can taste fresh seafood like salmon, oysters, and crab, as well as fruits like berries, apples, and pears. The county also has a vibrant food and beverage scene that includes craft breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries.

De Garde Brewing

If you are a beer enthusiast and are looking for something new and unique, then de Garde Brewing is the place to be. Located on the beautiful Oregon Coast, de Garde Brewing produces some of the most exquisite beers using traditional techniques and local experimentation.

de Garde Brewing does not add laboratory-cultured yeast to its beer during the fermentation process. Instead, they rely on the wild yeast that is present in the local environment to ferment their beer. This is done by cooling the wort naturally in a coolship, allowing the yeast and microflora present in the air to do their job. This is a traditional brewing technique, and it gives their beer a distinct flavor that you will not find in mass-produced beers.

Their beer is aged in oak barrels, with each barrel having its own unique flavor. Depending on the beer, it can take anywhere from 6 months to 5+ years to ferment and age in the oak barrels. This time allows the beer to absorb the flavor of the oak, resulting in a much richer and complex flavor profile. Their beer is bottled naturally and, when released, is ready to be enjoyed. However, it should be noted that the fruit and hop additions may dissipate over time, so it is recommended that the beer is consumed within a certain time frame.


De Garde Brewing is committed to experimentation and innovation. They are constantly exploring new flavors and techniques to create something unique. This is exemplified in their seasonal offerings, which showcase the skills of their brewers and provide a new experience every time. If you want to try something truly different, de Garde Brewing is the place to be.

De Garde Brewing’s location is perfect for a beer adventure. It is situated in Tillamook, a small coastal town known for its dairy and cheese production. The brewery is located just a few miles from the Tillamook Cheese Factory, which is a tourist destination in itself. Grab some cheese and beer and enjoy the stunning views of the Oregon Coast. Also, the brewery is located within walking distance of other small breweries, making it a great starting point for a beer tour.

De Garde Brewing is not just another brewery. It is a must-visit for beer lovers who are looking for something unique and authentic. Their dedication to producing exceptional beer using traditional techniques and local experimentation sets them apart from other breweries. Combine this with the beautiful location and friendly staff, and you have yourself an unforgettable experience. So, when planning your next trip to Tillamook, make sure to add de Garde Brewing to your list of places to visit. You will not be disappointed.


Tillamook, Oregon, is a fantastic destination for nature lovers who seek outdoor adventure, scenic beauty, and relaxed small-town charm. From the peaceful beaches to the rugged mountains, Tillamook County offers a diverse range of activities and attractions that cater to everyone’s interests. Whether you want to hike, bike, beachcomb, or eat your way through the county, you will find countless experiences that will make your summer vacation unforgettable. Book your trip to Tillamook, Oregon, today and discover the magic of this coastal gem.

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